Meet the team!


Maya Aristimuño


MARISTI LLC. was founded by Maya Aristimuño with the drive to make change. Maya is passionate about using new forms of media to convey a brand's message with her team of young artists. She create MARISTI LLC to provide opportunities for youth artists to work on impactful and incredibly creative advertising campaigns. 

Maya was 16 years old when she started MARISTI LLC, with her biggest partnerships' names already under her belt. When she was exploring her creativity, she was struggling in finding opportunities. So she started MARISTI LLC - A creative agency that creates original content AND partners with youth artists to help create the magic.


Editor in Chief of MIM Magazine

Ally Godsil is an artist, writer and creative from the NJ/NYC area. Her work focuses on social advocacy, community development and female empowerment. While she is an aspiring politician or diplomat, she has a love for poetry, painting, and photography. @allygodsil


amber li

Graphic Design Intern

Amber Li is a 17 year old artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her love of drawing started from a young age; now, she is focusing mainly on graphic design. She frequently works on various graphics for school and local organizations. Outside of art, she enjoys playing the flute in various ensembles and running track. 

Shreya Singh

In House Graphic Designer 

My name is Shreya and I am from India, born and raised in Dubai. Being brought up in UAE, I was always immersed in a fusion of Indian and Middle Eastern culture. As an artist of color, I am passionate about identity, empowerment and self-love. Currently, I am a student at Haverford College and I am a part of the Women’s Varsity Squash team. To see more of my artwork, visit :)



Tenaya is a NYC native & self-taught mixed media artist, With a current focus on graphic design. Her work mostly focuses on digital collages, typography & minimalist illustration. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching bad Netflix movies & hanging out with her dog.

gina angelico

Social Media Manager

Hey, I’m Gina’ From South Africa. I have a degree in Geography, Environmental & Sustainable studies and Ethics. Learning about the relationships of people, places and politics has driven me to become an activist. I use online activism to showcase art that highlights social, political and womxn issues in society. I have been doing pole dancing for 3 years as another form of a creative outlet. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.02.13

Elizabeth Stockton Perkins

Elizabeth is a creative gal, writer, and theater maker born and raised in Ohio. A rising sophomore at Vassar College, she’s delighted to be interning with MIM and Maristi LLC!