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© 2019 by MARISTI LLC. Maya Aristimuño

Meet the team!

Maya Aristimuño


MARISTI LLC. was founded by Maya Aristimuño with the drive to make change. Maya is passionate about using new forms of media to convey a brand's message with her team of young artists. She create MARISTI LLC to provide opportunities for youth artists to work on impactful and incredibly creative advertising campaigns. 

Maya was 16 years old when she started MARISTI LLC, with her biggest partnerships' names already under her belt. When she was exploring her creativity, she was struggling in finding opportunities. So she started MARISTI LLC - A creative agency that creates original content AND partners with youth artists to help create the magic.


Editor in chief

Hey! My name is Ally and I am an artist and writer from the NJ/NYC area. I focus in photography, journalism and poetry. My work has been published in adolescent content, Montclair local newspaper and I am a social justice writer for affinity magazine. I also love to read and watch mystery tv shows. @allygodsil


Upneet Aujla

Upneet Aujla is a 17-year-old writer from Houston, TX and likes to discuss the unconventional truths, culture, religion, politics  and perspectives. She likes to read both novels and articles on extreme perspectives and more moderate ones to get a better feel on the topic and to understand the obscurity of it better.Besides writing she enjoys singing, photography, and speech and debate.

Shreya Singh

Graphic Designer

My name is Shreya and I am from India, born and raised in Dubai. Being brought up in UAE, I was always immersed in a fusion of Indian and Middle Eastern culture. As an artist of color, I am passionate about identity, empowerment and self-love. Currently, I am a student at Haverford College and I am a part of the Women’s Varsity Squash team. To see more of my artwork, visit @s.shreya.art :)


Social Media Intern

Hey, I am Chantelle and I am from South Africa. I am a freelance photographer, currently focusing on street-style and working with artists within the music industry. I love traveling & being in nature & mostly my camera.


Social Media Intern

Hi my name is Keya and I have been a photographer for around two years. I have also played soccer for around eleven years, and I continue to play till this day. Another one of my interests is music, I have been playing guitar for around two years, and I have just recently taught myself how to play bass. I work as a social media intern for MIM digital, so I given the duties of posting on the instagram.