The Driver Era review 

Written by Mia Caven

In 2009 a band called R5 was formed, four siblings and one close friend. Through the years of fame of the main singer, Ross Lynch, they continued to make music and tour. In the early years of the 2010’s, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them live. Undeniably - they all had a talent and a huge stage presence, making the crowd (including myself) laugh, scream and cry. 


As each band member got older and their separate lives became busier and things had changed miraculously, Ross and one of his brothers, Rocky, decided to continue with music, the others leaving the band behind for a while. Despite fans uproar on the extreme change, and the new duos name ‘The Driver Era’, after their first single ‘Preacher Man’ in 2018, everyone became very aware that this change was not only good for them but good for our ears too!


It’s apparent in their discography, under the new Driver Era, that the boys were ready for a change to their music, something more with the times and mature, as R5 was slammed as a ‘disney’ band due to Ross’ career with the company. Their sophisticated new look and sound is a fresh mix of pop, alternative and hints of clearly inspired older sounding elements. My personal favourite thing about their music is how passionate the Lynch’s are about it. If they don’t love it, how are we supposed to?


They then stunned fans with singles ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Low’ (Low being a song by Rocky Lynch only). The vibe the new music gives can only be described as perfect for karaoke and a big dance. The comfort the boys feel now with what they create is very evident - their music is the combination of chilled jamming and thought-out lyrics and melodies.


However, in 2019, they have so far dropped two singles already, which show even more growth and development in their music. ‘Feel You Now’ shows off a gradual build up, the slightly repetitive but catchy song allowed them to show off a range of sounds they could bring together. Both this song and their newest one ‘Welcome To The End Of Your Life’ seem to have a shared video-game theme. My personal favourite, ‘Welcome To The End Of Your Life, has some rock vibes alongside a slight indie sound. They use a beautiful guitar riff which gives off a California Summer atmosphere, the chorus being a little harsher and harder, only adding to the upbeat-ness of the song. As the kids would say - it is an absolute bop! The Driver Era are certainly a pair of talented and upcoming musicians with new sounds that show variety yet all songs share this distinct sound. Definitely worth a listen!