Interview with Baljinder Kaur

by Upneet Aujla 

Baljinder Kaur is an illustrator and storyteller based out of Wolves, England. With work that captivates the ongoings around her in an instant based on her culture and religion, Baljinder is able to pursue creativity and all that it embodies through a unique perspective. Her work is often compiled into zines but she shares her passions through diverse forms of work. For instance, while on a trip to Turkey recently Baljinder took her followers along as she shared the travel sketchbook of her visit and the inspiration behind it. Continuously producing new work, Baljinder Kaur has inspired me and many others through her craft. Recently I had the chance to interview the artist herself on what art means to her, personal
projects, and what the future entails.

Untitled Design.jpeg

In your project to draw something as quick as possible, what prompted you to start and why?


It's not a particular project, it's a continuous practice that stems from the observational drawing. When drawing directly from life, you are pushed to draw faster because people are constantly moving. This means less thinking, less hesitation and developing confidence in mark-making.


How has art influenced your personal life?

It is a way of life, a way of seeing, thinking and feeling.

What is your main source of inspiration?

Being alive, this breath.

How do you handle the pressure of art being deemed as unconventional when it comes to turning it
into a career?

Amidst our current heavily consumerist culture, anything can be capitalized upon and made
profitable, but how do we weave a career that is authentic, and brings real spiritual value in its exchange?
THAT is something I am still navigating through.

What is your favorite project so far that you have created?

I don't have a favorite just yet.

What influences your work the most?

Everyday life.


What advice would you give someone on a similar path of becoming an artist?

Persistence in your practice, being patient on the journey and have faith in yourself.

What goals or projects do you have planned out for the future?

I am passionate about the art of children picture books and hope to immerse myself in the
making of them.

Upneet Aujla 

Conducted the interview