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 Isabelle Beauchamp is a photographer who primarily uses images to explore. She uses the lens as a way to learn more about her subjects, who often consist of places, people, and herself. Her work tends to be personal and her images are inherently subjective, aiming to act as a kind of mirror that allows for a different perspective.


Ainsely Elkner

My name is Ainsley Elkner, and i am a 16 year old based out of Lancaster PA. my photography account is @photosynthesis.is.fake on instagram! I would describe my aesthetic as soft but grounded. with my work, I try to capture not only the visuals, but also the energy of the shoot itself—I want the viewer to be able to “feel” the photo when they look at it. These are a series titled ‘golden’ and it’s my favorite work because i think the photos perfectly capture the warm and carefree feeling of the afternoon. 


taylore evans

Model: Ryan Jenkins


Kayla Weaver


Mia Caven

I’m Mia Caven, sixteen years young and a music and English student. My passions for both these subjects have been strong since I was able to talk, read, write and sing. This song, Snow, was my first song, of many, that I chose to release. The meaning behind Snow is my attempt in expressing the feelings of being hurt or heartbroken by a person you can only describe as cold. I write songs and make music as a way to reach out to those going through the same stuff, and just want to dance it out their system!


Reginald Munyai

Currently in 2019, “It’s A Pity EP Vol. 1” is his latest release that reached a total of 2000+ plays on it’s 10th day after release, making it RegMaster’s most prominent project to date.

RegMaster associates his current success with the many hardships that he has had in his pursuit for independence in the production of his music as he owns all the equipment used to record his music. This makes his releases consistent and a true reflection of the type of music he intends to put out. There shall be many more releases in the future as RegMaster aims to explore many avenues in his music.

Reginald Munyai, commonly known by his stage name “RegMaster”, is a recording artist and producer from Johannesburg. With 9 years of experience under his belt gained primarily from using Audio Workstations on his laptop, to assisting fellow artists in his community with their own projects. He continues to produce quality music with the assistance and guidance from his family and artists who are a lot more established than he is. In 2016, he released a mixtape titled “Blunted: Lost Lyricz & Hidden Potentials”, which is available currently on his soundcloud. In 2018, he returned with a self-produced mixtape titled “Sorry Knot Sorry”. The mixtape features the likes of CeexOver, VuciRainbow and Cozmic Indiago.


Gabrielle barrera

We as women are natural beings, capable of connecting to and realizing the earth in a way that is special and only for us. Not delicate, to be groomed and manicured, but that we are not- we are volcanos erupting and wind, swaying trees and still water, plants that bloom and the ones that don't. Oftentimes, women and the earth have a similar experience. We know what it is to be put on a hierarchal scale, to be told we are not as important as men, to be seen as the opposite of them. We are referred to as "vixen," "bitch," and "chicks," and maybe we are as chaotic, untamed, wild, unpredictable, and hard to control as everyone says we are and maybe that isn't a bad thing. 

In my photo series, I examine the physical similarities between feminine products and body (specifically areas with body hair) within the forms of flowers, petals, and leaves.


Keya Goldfien

When I took these photographs I wanted to show the struggle of standing out in this world when there are so many people with talent and brains. I chose a white background and white clothes for my models so they could  either blend in or stand out. This miniseries was message for how hard it is to stand out as a creator and as a person in this world.


Keya Goldfien

Carey Chanquin